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A Big Move
December 11, 2007, 5:40 am
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Okay! Here I am with a new site for my blog. It’s part of my It-Just-So-Happens-To-Be-New-Year’s-When-I’m-Making-It resolution to take charge of my life and start doing things the way I like.

Myspace is so computer-illiterate friendly, and yet the colors hurt my eyes sometimes, and it’s so limiting.

What do I want here? I want to keep a good visual journal of my life as it happens and the few musing I manage to make between the mad dashes that fill my days. I want a page that is easy to get around and the ability to have actual categories for my blogs…

I find I’ve lived a fractured life filled with a lot of moving on and growing and sometimes I need to remember that it’s okay to hold onto to who I’ve been in the past: knitter, singer, songwriter, hacky-sacker, mom, friend, dancer, crafty lady, wife, friend to many, sometimes third wheel, snowboarder, runner, poet, hiker, lonely person, happy person, sad person…yeah, and a bunch of other stuff, too.

Maybe keeping so many bits and pieces in one place will help.

First, I have to figure out this site and get things just right. It’s an entirely new lingo for me over here and I’m feeling like maybe I’m stuck in 2005 or something.


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Nice blog Grace! I’m not on myspace. Does that make me totally 2001? I’m not out of the loop, I’m just stylin’ old school!

Comment by Andrea (MDC papschmitty)

Yeah! So excited you jumped to WordPress, best place to be blogging. Can’t wait to keep up with your happenings!

Comment by gdesign

Ah, Grace, I’ve been meaning to do the same thing, but have cold feet. It’s a good idea to keep posting on Myspace so that those subscribers can stay in touch, hmmm…. xoxo

Comment by Melissa

love it! can’t wait to read your musings and yes we’ll be by soon. it’ll be great to get caught up!

Comment by Jamie

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