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Hot Hot Cocoa by the Cup
December 24, 2007, 12:03 am
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Ok, I know I mentioned this one one my old blog, but that was before I started pumping out larger batches of this mix for Christmas presents. It’s so tasty! I put too much cayenne pepper in it once and, boy, I felt like I’d just swallowed something a witch doctor brewed.

Top Foods sells a 12 pack of Kerr canning jars that are wide mouth and hold one cup each for only 9 dollars! I used them for packing my home made play dough and filled the last few with my super spicy cocoa mix. Now I wish I’d bought more jars since I seem to have way too much cocoa powder left.

Maybe I’ll do the dreaded last minute store run tomorrow and pick some up. Or, maybe I’ll send Pat. We’ve been kind of lax in getting ready for the holiday dinner so we’ll be shopping for food tomorrow anyways.

I’ve spent the day house cleaning and doing some last minute baking and wrapping. Christmas morning is in two days! I need to sit down and look at some more recipes for the big dinner and then I think I’ll be just about done preparing and finally ready to sit back and enjoy things.

How can this year be nearly over? Here’s a parting shot of my little Theo.


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Great minds think along the same track. I just jumped online to look up my spiced cocoa recipe, because we are packaging food gifties tonight as well. COPYCAT! Well, not really, you did it first. The Cayenne sound interesting, how much do you add (or is it a super-secret recipe??)?

Comment by gdesign

It’s no secret, but I don’t know for sure my measurements. I used chili powder, cocoa powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and salt. I don’t add any sweetener until I make it with rice milk and honey.

Comment by lifeofgrace

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