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Snow, A Tasty Test Drive, and Thoughts on Food
January 28, 2008, 9:27 pm
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Today we woke up to a lovely snow day. I’ve been waiting for this all year! We’ve had so many little flurries that never stuck, just enough for Titus to beg for a snowman. And now it’s here, although we are a bit too sniffly to feel up to a trip to hilly Wright Park for breaking in Titus’ new sled.

We had my sister, Glory and her family over for dinner the other night and I finally had a chance to put my new pot to the test with that decadent recipe for Smokey Beef Stew on the cover of this month’s Sunset.

These days I find immense pleasure in spending a few consecutive moments in the kitchen: alone with a recipe and my pantry. This one was one of those all-day, leave-it-alone, slow cooking kind of things, so I started with the chopping, sorting, and braising around ten that morning and wrapped things up around 5:30 or so for our meal. What fun, although, with two bottle of nice wine as broth, this is going to remain a special occasion meal.

Today I’m preparing a little tasty feast for strangers. A woman and her two little daughters in our community lost their house and much of their belongings in a terrible house fire a few weeks back. Many of us who know of them or are learning about the tragedy have been sort of rallying around to try and help. With meals, prayers, well wishes, cash, stuff like that. Stuff that reminds people that there is still hope and love, even in the midst of loss, even on a cold, snowy Tacoma day.

I love the power of a hot meal. It speaks volumes when there are not words to speak.

If any of you out there want to help this family along with us with prayer or in any other way, send me a comment and I’ll give you the details. Peace.


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