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A Late Night
February 1, 2008, 11:11 pm
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Last Wednesday I kissed my boys goodbye at 4:30, packed a borrowed breast pump and some snacks, gave Pat a huge thank you for being such a great dad and hopped in the car with Aaron for the hour and a half drive up to the studio in Snohomish where he’s been recording the majority of his album for what seems like the past year. Maybe not quite that long, though.

Nine hours later I was back home: wired, near to exploding from not taking the time to actually use the pump, and deeply pleased with the results of my excursion. I think I might actually be pretty much done with my parts on the songs now.


The drive home was spent defining our hopes and plans for the future, and for this next year specifically. It’s been a long and drawn out creative process, but I’m feeling like things are coming together. I’m finding my place, learning to trust my voice, and beginning to step out with a little more confidence artistically. There was a time in my life when being a part of making music meant a lot to me, and maybe the fear of failure made the whole thing just not terribly fun. I feel calmer now and like I’m enjoying this more than I ever have.

I’ve also learned that:

  • Licorice extract soothes scratchy throats, but it tastes so bad I can’t use it
  • Hot Thai noodle soup, however, tastes great and does the same thing
  • That same noodle soup isn’t very tasty after a few hours, but it still does the job
  • I start missing my boys about 5 minutes before I leave the house
  • Pat is pretty much incredible at watching the boys while I’m gone, with no missed sleep or drops on the head or anything like that
  • I’m not cut out for life on the road and 1:30 in the morning is really, really late



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