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“Booders for the baby in my tummy”
February 4, 2008, 9:34 pm
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Last night Titus’ couple weeks old cough took a sudden turn for the worse with lots of icky phlegm and crackling, wheezy breath, like a small fleet of crickets traipsing around on a sheet of miniature bubble wrap. He was having a hard time breathing and, so, to be better able to keep an eye on him, one of us (not me) had the brilliant idea to move him into our bed for the night. Ha! You would think this wasn’t even the same boy who once fiercely co-slept with us (despite our reservations that he’d never want to move out into his own bed). He just had no clue that our bed is for sleeping, and after asking for a while to please be able to go back to his room to sleep, he gave up and kept trying to get us to sit up with him so we could “watch a woobie” or go downstairs to play. So much for the sweet idea of cuddling him all night. Not this kid. Since our tv is in our bedroom, he must think that Pat and I stay up all night watching movies without him or something. Our compromise was to move his play pen into our room.

He still thought we were being hilarious, whispering in the dark and trying to answer Pat’s sleep talking. Trust me, Titus, I’ve been wondering for a few years now, but I’m pretty sure he’s not talking to us.

Always, this stuff happens on a weekend and so we sit and wait it out, trying to tell if things are really bad, or if they will improve on their own. That’s probably a good thing, in our day and age of incredibly over prescribed antibiotics.

I’ve read two recent studies that amazed me. One, done in Britain, showed that using antibiotics on sinus infections was just as effective as doing nothing. Wow. And it noted that that since sinus infection prescriptions top the list for most common doctor visits, this has most likely lead to some of those resistant super bugs out there.

The other study I read showed that 2 out of 3 cases of ear infections with kids cleared up on their own when parents were sent home with the instructions to wait several days before giving antibiotics to their kids. That’s just kind of amazing to me.

I think, as parents, we see our kids sick and it is just so lame. We wrack our brains to think of how to help them as soon as possible, and I fall into that same trap right along with everyone else. I wanted to hold his hand all night and feed him sugary cough drops to make his smile come back. But what can you do? And what’s a doctor to say to a worried parent who demands swift action for their precious little one?

With Titus, even our family naturopathic doctor has recommended that we take him to the pediatrician today, and what do I say if the first thing off the bat they want to give him those powerful antibiotics, those ones that make him feel so better so fast but carry the risk of making him sicker in the long run? I guess we’ll just “play it by ear”, as Pat says. For us that means prayer and common sense, the use of modern drugs in moderation, right along with embracing the fact that our bodies, and our children’s bodies are made to heal themselves from these little sicknesses. Maybe sometimes they just need a little help.

Some of Titus’ final, delirious thoughts before finally drifting of into his wheezy sleep were that the “booders” in his chest were for the baby he is convinced is living in his tummy. Uh, yeah, sure. Go to bed kid.


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Bummer! Poor Titus. We’ve been wrestling with this as well, we’ve always been able to wait out our kids ear troubles, but last week, Lily just got too bad, so we took her into our doc, who we love and found out it was strep in her ear! 😦 so we put her on her first antibiotic and i spent the next 5 days imagining it swirling around in her prefect little body wondering what it was doing. i did however love seeing her cheeks lose their redness and her running around playing within 2 hours. hopefully we found the right balance.

Comment by Jamie

What a cuttie butootie

Comment by angelbags

I really like those pictures of Titus. I think seeing them was the first time I’ve noticed hw much he looks like you. I’m not sure how I missed it before.

By the way, even though I never comment, I really like your entries. I read them all.

Comment by Kenneth Coble

I know what you mean. I am a nurse, but I hate drugs. The doctors I work for say give it 14 days. If it hasn’t gone by then it a bacteria and needs an antiboitic. With ear infections it’s a different story for me. Ukraine has more deaf people per capita in the world, because of ear infections not being treated. Thank God Eliya has only had 2 in over 3 years. I did find out he was allergic to Amoxicillin with his 1st one, which he was exposed to when he tried real milk for the 1st time. I thought it was a milk allergy, but when we switched to organic he was ok. creepy how we pollute everything!

Comment by dawn

Well, our update is that he supposedly has “Reactive Airway Disease”, sort of a pre-asthma wheezy thing that doesn’t have to do with an infection, just an irritation from all the coughing.
So, claritin and albuteral it is!
Thanks for all your comments, guys, I love reading them.

Comment by lifeofgrace

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