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The Jeans and I
February 19, 2008, 10:22 pm
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I almost forgot. After spending the past six post-partum months with only one, single, solitary, stretchy waist-banded pair of maternity jeans, I bought some new jeans yesterday. I’ve had the hardest time bringing myself to do this as I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to spend money on a pair of pants I’m going to be too skinny to wear after just a few months, but the truth is, I have been the same weight for three months now. Yes, I’m running a lot these days. Yes, I’m being careful with what I eat and nursing a great deal. The fact is, the weight from this second pregnancy is so stubborn, and maybe age is catching up with me already (!) and my metabolism has changed or something. I will get in shape again, I’m committed to that. But it might be a while.

But, I couldn’t just keep feeling like a slob in those old jeans. They have literally been my only pair of pants. I didn’t even have a back-up pair for those times (like yesterday) when Theo throws up on them just as I’m heading out the door. So, after some scary moments spent in the dressing room, alone with my reflection, I emerged with a real pair of pants. Pants that have a functioning zipper. And a button that isn’t just there for decoration.

I feel good. I know  I’m doing everything (just about) that I should be doing to get healthy again, and my kids are by far worth the cost my body has paid. My ego has suffered more than anything else, but that’s just fine. I saw these pants at Macy’s yesterday and my jaw dropped:

Don’t quite your day job, Beyonce.


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I did the same thing. So much of an ego thing- the first time I had bought a pair of jeans a size bigger since high school. And I paid full price. Then like a month later they were almost falling off. So if anything, they will be huge soon just out of irony.

Oh, and those are hot. I am heading down to Macy’s this afternoon to pick up my pair.

Comment by gdesign

I saw the picture before reading your post. I thought you were going to say that those were the jeans you got and weren’t they cute. Phew!!! Now I don’t have to worry about feeling awkward when we run into each other in public wearing the same pants! 😉

Comment by Andrea

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