A Life of Grace

February 29, 2008, 11:57 pm
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If I could chose one word to describe my life, sometimes that would be it. And not necessarily in a bad way. It’s just that sometimes I feel like I’ve had too many start-overs in my life: moving, starting anew, switching jobs, changing friends, trying on new identities, different towns. Some changes have been peaceful, but many have felt too sudden, too abrupt.

I find that I have a hard time identifying myself with the me’s of my past, and I don’t want it to be that way. Perhaps a big part of that currently has more to do with the fact that we’ve been “temporarily” living in our house now for over a year. Nearly all of the little things that I keep around to remind me of my life so far are packed away in so many random closets that I wouldn’t even know know to start looking for them.

Yesterday was spent at my sister Glory’s beautiful little home. We each took turns watching all four of our sweet little boys while the other went running. I used my turn to sift through her many photo albums: all glimpses of my life and hers from a slightly different angle. A twin’s perspective on a twin. There were a ton of pictures from my teen years, from my early twenties, pictures that I honestly forgot even existed. Old friends, road trips, strange hair colors, camping, hiking… Is my memory really that bad? Uh, yes, yes it is.

Anyway, it’s got me to thinking about how much I really need to start putting my boxes and boxes of memories into albums so I don’t keep finding myself forgetful of my brief yet amazing history. And, it’s got me facing today with a new resolve to remember to keep taking my camera out every day. It’s those simple snapshots of home life which seem so commonplace now that become treasures to me in a decade.
Pat and I spent the morning digging through our terribly unorganized closets and file boxes, finding old photos and enjoying the trip down memory lane, finding our marriage certificate that’s been lost for a long time, and being appalled at how scattered our important papers are.

For now, until my day today life is less hectic, until there are fewer curious little fingers running away squealing in mischievousness with my passport, I’ll be content knowing that everything is getting safely tucked away and organized . A day will come when I’m ready to put down roots in a home again, and then it’ll be like Christmas, getting to sift through everything again.

Now, if I could just find Titus’ birth certificate. We are in the early stages of trying to plan a trip here:


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Oh wow, where is that?? beautiful!!

Comment by gdesign

Puerto Escondido, Mexico, at least according to google images!

Comment by lifeofgrace

Good for you — I’ve found that I have a million pictures from the summertime, and about two taken in the last month. One photo a day seems totally do-able!

Comment by Melissa

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