A Life of Grace

March 9, 2008, 5:17 pm
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Astounding! Theo really has just grown so fast. I went back through our Flickr pictures from last summer and I’m in awe of the progress of both of my boys. In the every day moments it’s easy to lose perspective of the changes, and then you take a step back for the macro view and, tada! presto!, life has actually occurred. Yet another reminder for me to keep taking out the camera. This summer is not that far away and with it will come Theo’s first birthday and Titus’ 3rd.

I’m grateful. I really, really am. I’m the lucky one who gets to be the mom to these little guys, gets to walk with them through these early years and be “the bigger person” in all their difficulties, squabbles, and just plain childishness. I get to humbly seek help from God, from my husband, and from my friends when I’m running out of ideas and patience or when the awesome weight of responsibility starts to freak me out. Just lately we’ve been having talks about God. Teaching Titus to pray. Trying to boil down gigantic, unfathomable truths into words that a two and a half year old can grasp: God made everything. God can hear us. God loves us. And, wonder of wonders, he says “okay, momma”. I’m cherishing this time when the lines between reality and imagination are so blurry, trying to make it count. Later will come the hard questions (why do people die? why do bad things happen?) and I can only hope for the grace to help them understand, help them make sense of this life and the questions that have been being asked since the wee hours of our planet.

The other day our weekly Jehovah’s Witness’ dropped off one of those gaudy pamphlets featuring a portrait of Jesus. Crown of thorns, blood, pain. Titus asked me why Jesus had an owie. I’ll get back to him on that one.




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Cute! Your boys are growing up so fast! I just had another ultrasound this morning. Baby number three looks great 🙂

Comment by Liz

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