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Seven Months Tomorrow
March 11, 2008, 7:55 pm
Filed under: Family, Life

Theo has taken the giant leap out of gummy babyhood: he now has two teeth! There is no looking back now. He’s moving onward and upward toward all those other first year milestones as his babyness slips away–rolling, trying to sit up, possibly eating solids sometime in the next few months (possibly not, this boy has some skin issues that I’m in no hurry to aggravate further), and becoming more and more aware of life and family around him.

Oddly, I had no idea his teeth were on their way until they were nearly popping out since he continued to be his normal happy self right up to the break though. And he slept 9 hours straight in his own bed last night.



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He slept!?! Yipee!!!

(I hope that means you slept too)

Comment by gdesign

2 teeth wow! eliya got his 1st (well 2nd) @ 2 months old. he never learned not to bite me. i think that’s my only fear w/ this new little guy on the way. did theo have a hard time getting adjusted to sleeping by himself? eliya stys in his own bed till about 6 am. i think w/ semetei i will try to start him sleeping by himslf a bit earlier.

Comment by dawn

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