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Bathroom Dialogues
March 23, 2008, 6:01 pm
Filed under: Life

Titus has been sitting in the tub for nearly 2 hours, eating the strawberries and grapes I toss in there and letting me know when he needs more hot water….some days are just lazy, sleep deprived blurs, spent in our pajamas with lots of nose wiping. I kind of like taking a day off, but, to be honest, I find it way more satisfying to have a productive day in the sunshine getting caught up on house work than festering around watching things pile up. Today is not going to be one of those days, and that’s ok.

Overheard from the tub:

“Joom, joom, joom, I not sad anymore, I happy!”

“Neverending story….ahhhhhhhhh”

“I eating the grapes, but not the sticks”

“I’m swimming, like a diver!”

“I’m not poopin in the bath!”


“Ine all done”

I love it when he says “Ine”


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I couldn’t agree more. I love hearing all the new things that boy says. I am constantly amazed (especially when I understand it).

Comment by Hupsband

It’s amazing how long kids can stay in the bath tub! Mine are the same way. I’m sorry that your kids were sick on Easter! Hope you are feeling good 🙂 Miss you!

Comment by Liz

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