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April 1, 2008, 11:38 pm
Filed under: Life

Sometimes I’m not sure what all to squish into one post: do I try and capture a whole day, a cohesive theme, or just a snapshot of an event? Am I feeling introspective or just trying to get a small flashbulb moment down on “paper” so I don’t lose it? If I had all the time in the world I think this blog could be really cool. I’d come across as witty and well read with lots of obscure remarks and quotes in foreign languages…but then I’d be annoying. Really, life is flying by at a speedy clip and so I’m just going to jot down here what I can, when I can, and call it good. And a genuine reflection of my life these days.

Saturday was a whirlwind day for us filled with fun and friends, and a ton of driving. I really don’t hit the freeways much these days, so when I do, it sort of sticks out in my mind. I flew out of the house, late already, as Pat walked in the door from work and headed off to this little monthly crafty-lady gathering at Corina Bakery down town that I thoroughly enjoyed. There is something so nice about being around that much yarn and knitting needles.

Then, swiftly returning home to grab a shower, swoop up the kids and Pat, we all headed North. First, since we were early, we made a quick stop on Capitol Hill for a walk through the park, a visit to Vivace (our favorite coffee place in Seattle) a couple pounds of green coffee beans for roasting later, and a listen to the brass band in the sunshine.

Next, we were off to our little friend’s first birthday (twice in as many months now, Grummers? what’s gotten in to us?!?). A party’s worth of tasty food, cupcakes, noisy kid fun, and good grown-up talking later, we woke up little Theo from his partied-out nap in time to head back home, into the arms of our awaiting babysitters. (Thanks, Ben and Shelly!)

Back in the car, through the snow (!) to Seattle, again, for:

  • one REI visit for some bike experimenting,
  • one semi-lost excursion into the heart of downtown in search of elusive parking and a restaurant that didn’t have an hour long wait,
  • and one brief but lovely meal with friends (I guess that’s three times in two months, then, Grummers) including a nice cucumber, mint, and lime martini and a bizzare appetizer: calamari soup served with a fork and plate

…finished in time to race back home in a happily exhausted daze to relieve our friends and sleep at last. Hey, look at that! I did manage to fit my whole day into one post after all. And, as you know, I just can’t seem to pare down and select less pictures for my posts: I always want too many, so here they are.




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