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The Tacoma Round #2: A Night Of Amazingness and Grace Becomes a Hat Person
April 7, 2008, 10:01 pm
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Saturday night was incredible. I feel like the whole shared stage/round thing is spoiling me for any other kind of live art or music experience: I want to have it all now, no more plain old live music! I’m running short on time so maybe this post won’t actually capture the magic and sweetness of the night, but here goes.

Pat and I got a sitter for Titus and brought little Theo down to the SoTA building around 6 along with some food for our pre-show dinner with the artists. I found it strangely normal to be sitting in a little, florescent bulb lit teachers room sharing soup and hot bread with my sisters, Glory and Faith, other wonderful random friends, and Damien Jurado and the other artists of the night. As I age I grow less star struck, but I still find myself feeling like a silly goober in situations like that.

The round is sort of a gigantic family and friend party, the kind you couldn’t possibly fit into anyone’s house so you have it on a stage, but it’s somehow still small and intimate feeling at 150 people. As with most Tacoma functions I found that I knew probably 80% of the people who came.

Here are some photos which hopefully help convey the vibe of the night:

There was fantastic music performed by Damien Jurado, Jenna of Troubletown, and Andrew McNeely of Oh Voices. There was Slam poetry by Angela Dy. There was a little series of skits performed by some SoTA students. There was live painting by Zachary Marvick and Glory Cancro. There were a trio of folks, Nick Butler, Holly and Holly’s husband (sorry, I don’t remember your name) who did an amazing job at what appeared to be a really difficult and uncomfortable performace: being Glory’s models as she did a clay and color body painting thing on them.

And, last but not least, I wore my new hat as I left for the night. Within moments (yeah, I know, it was like in a movie and I’m not exaggerating) I was surrounded by a small crowd of people proclaiming what a cool hat I had on. That was all I needed to transform into a hat person.

The end.


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Looks awesome! Your photos turned out great too. Sorry to have missed it, bleh time with the parents, this would have been way more fun.

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