A Life of Grace

Come One, Come Two
May 2, 2008, 5:01 pm
Filed under: Life

Well, after a few nice hours of down time and only having one little boy with me, I’m nearly ready for the Craft Fair. I can’t believe I’ve done things so down to the wire (actually, that’s not hard to believe, it’s pretty typical for me) considering that I’ve known about this thing for so long! In my defense, nearly three quarters of the animals that I made ended up not being as nice or high quality as I wanted, so I had to scrap them and cram last minute for replacements. I’m so happy that I did, though, because I like the revised versions a lot better. I’ll be sure to snap a picture of my completed pile before the fair so I can show off my handiwork before it all (maybe) disappears.

Tonight is also my friend Kenneth’s birthday party, which has, apparently, turned into one big neighborhood fest featuring us and Andrew McNeely making music. Aaron and I have been working on a new song (which is sooooo different and good) plus I’ve been writing some keys stuff which we’ll be debuting. I’m not going to stick the address on here, but all are welcome to come along and see us play, so just let me know if you want to come.

Theo has had to horrid nights of sleep, so expect me to look rather stoned tonight as I’ll have my sleepy face on.


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