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Where Have I Been? Right Here With a Pair of Headphones On, Humming My Own Melody
August 14, 2008, 6:02 pm
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I just barely got my pictures up last night from the past few days and didn’t have much time to post, except for the obligatory, day-of birthday post, of course.

This little blog seems to have devolved into a half hearted attempt at chronicling the children with a smattering of other random thingies, but that’s ok for me for now. 

Days are full: playing shows and recording demos with Aaron in our newly focused and reconfigured music project, Goldfinch. That means, like having a real newborn, late nights and the joy of watching something grow. It also means that with children and a home life to maintain (and only legal stimulants to keep me going) I’ve been in a bit of a foggy haze of sleeplessness and maintaining a low profile. I’m feeling the repercussions in so many of my friendships that I’d love to be putting more time and love into. It’s good, though. We’ve been improving so much, writing and learning to “work the knobs” on some new recording gear and software.

It’s been a time of immense person growth and, in a sense, watching God redeem and reclaim a part of me that I tossed aside years ago under the guise of “not being any good” and out of some misguided attempt to adapt myself to someone which, as time would reveal, probably didn’t really earn me any of the respect I wanted anyway. All that to say that doing all this writing and playing and singing these days has brought a great deal of happiness and work. Now I’m working to balance my already full life and still have enough love and time to go around.

To all of you amazing friends out there that I haven’t hung out with much lately, I’m grateful for each of you. My boys (and Pat) have gotten to see a lot of me and they are happy about that, and I look forward to re-immersing myself into a more friend-filled life here shortly when all this recording and stuff calms down. 

We’re still playing at the Farmer’s Market for the rest oft he summer and are now graduating from street busking to stage performing on the 28th of this month. There are other shows and stuff in the works (the link about to our myspace page has our calendar and will have our new song up shortly) and I’d be glad to see you all and share with you these fruits of my long night labors.


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about what time do you play at the market … i’ve either been there the weeks you haven’t been or i’ve missed you. we usually go early,

Comment by Jamie

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