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A Red Sweater Day: Recycling Fun
October 7, 2008, 4:05 am
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I guess Autumn has decided to kick in for me with it’s usual burst of energy and creativity in spite of all of the hardship that’s been going on around here. Maybe the seasons, with all their natural power and transformative gifts, like aging and death, are beyond our ability to avoid. I’m glad about it. I’ve needed a little external help and not quite felt up to the task of making any floundering attempts to keep moving through life and finding joy in it.

Today was, according to my camera, a red day. 


I started a little sewing project last night: cutting up an old soft wool sweater to make some nice little longies (wool sweater pants) for Theo. They are wonderfully simple and fun to make, the kind of thing that you can put together in a half hour if you’ve done them before. This time of year I get to loving all of those wonderfully warm woolly baby stuff.

Today Titus asked me about my scarf hanging up next to my jacket as I was putting the finishing touches on Theo’s pants. All summer it’s been packed away, unused, and now he’s sort of re-remembering it, from waaaay back when he was two and a half, and trying to understand what it’s for. I already had my sewing machine out from the night before (for the first time since my burn out last spring for the craft fair after which I didn’t even want to think about sewing for a long time) and so he decided that he’d like to help me make a scarf for his very own. 

We (I) cut up and pieced together some of the old felted Abercrombie sweater scraps leftover from the longies into sort of a hodge podge, patternless long fuzzy thingy. Twenty minutes and several lost pins (ugh) later Titus was modeling it around and looking pretty dapper. Sweet! I just love it when a project goes from idea to finished product so quick and easy, without complications or hassles. The happiness and pride on his face was so amazing. He doesn’t know that it isn’t perfect, that to do it “right” we would have needed a serger and thread that matched better. What he does know is that there is this magical machine that can make whatever kind of clothing he can think of. And, that his mom is a miracle worker.




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Can you direct to the pants pattern?

And yes, seasons are good aren’t they? I’m glad you got some much needed newness – a little something to lift the old heaviness. From experience, the new always comes and makes the old seem not so hard. God is so good to us like that.

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