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Letterpress on WordPress: Beautiful Angle’s October Poster
October 8, 2008, 12:41 am
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I got one! Another bolt of beautiful, vibrant red dropped into my world in a week of pleasant blessings. Found art, a treasure, unsought and unexpected: Thank you, God, for hope.

I know I’ve posted about Beautiful Angle before here. They put out a lovely new poster every month or two, usually with strong local themes and often tied with local social justice issues. Right now they’re doing a series of posters on the history of civil rights issues in Tacoma which coincides with the exhibit currently going at the Washington State History Museum in downtown Tacoma. I haven’t been to the museum recently enough to see it, but I’m pretty sure this is the second poster in a row in the series and now I’m thinking I should make a trip there. And that I have no sense of the history of this town. 

I would love to have a huge collection of these, but I guess I’m just too disorganized these days to watch Tacoma streets and back ways with the dedication and vigilance that it takes to get them. I was so stoked when, after a missed turn downtown and a wait in a long line of traffic, I found October’s. 

Thank you, Beautiful Angle people, for a gift that I totally needed: inspiration and a sense that there’s something hidden, secret, and wonderful in this town.


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Does this amazing find desire a happy birthday framing by your’s truly? At least attached to foam core or perhaps clipped between Plexiglas? Lemme know 😉

Comment by Heather

I’m so jealous! Jess Phay found one, too. Perfect for your new place, though!

Comment by Sara Sandefur

Great! We found one too, but it was already partialy ripped and we couldn’t remove it, Kyle was going to go back with some tools, but it was gone! What a local blessing.

Comment by Jamie

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