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Ikea And The Future
February 6, 2009, 9:07 pm
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Yesterday was family Ikea trip 2009, an adventure of epic proportions exploring and brainstorming some long term ideas for our new place while picking up some more mundane items (bathroom garbage can, coat rack, etc.) All in all it was a good trip and the boys stayed in pretty okay spirits thanks to the play center there and a mid day stop for meatballs and berry soda.

Pat and I found ourselves on a creative process together, being inspired for our future, problem solving some of our layout issues in the apartment, and agreeing on far more ideas than we expected. Maybe that’s what 8 years of being together has done for us. Neither of us wants to be materialistic, neither wants to go into debt getting the “perfect” couches or shelves, but we both want our home to be lovely and a warm expression of the things we care about: hospitality, creativity, sensible design, and frugality. I think we’ll get there in time.

It’s taken a while, but it is a strange thing to be at an age where I finally know what I like. I like natural colors and fibers. I’d prefer a woven grass mat to a fancy acrylic carpet any day. I like wool, uncolored and unmessed with. I like storage boxes and the idea that everything could one day have it’s own place. I like uncluttered spaces, unexpected colors, and simplicity. I like the idea that my home could inspire my family to live well.

Here’s a little montage of my current inspirations.









Thanks to Ace Hotel for the above picture, and Natalie, I linked to your terrarium photo above if that’s okay.

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I guess that’s okay. I won’t sue you for copyright infringement…
I think that orange couch is awesome, you should totally get it.

Comment by gdesign

Yes. I do think we will get the orange couch one day. We were so inspired by those terrariums at ACE that we planned on making them for the new house. I love that you guys made them, too!

Comment by lifeofgrace

I can’t wait to see how you guys finish everything out. The potentials were limitless:)

Comment by Jonny

Haha. I got one…a blog anyway…still figureing it out though.

Comment by serenehopeforyourdreams

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